Fuego Adventure Grill at De Kempervennen

Fuego Adventure Grill The sound of sizzling meat and the smell of grilled vegetables fills the air. Welcome to restaurant Fuego Adventure Grill. Pull up a chair and picture yourself in an ancient fire temple, where the Aztecs worshipped fire and offered meat to the powerful fire god Atula. Prepare yourself for a culinary adventure in this mystic fire temple. Enjoy a sensational skewer filled with goodies, create your own burger in five easy steps, or choose one of our tasty fish or meat dishes or one of our delicious vegetarian specialities. You can also make your own cocktail and end the evening with one of our many desserts. So pull up a chair, soak up the atmosphere and dig in! But, beware: Atula's hunger may not be stilled after all these years.
On the park
Is bookable
Payable with Topping


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