Academy: Bikes at Park Eifel

If only your kids could cycle... You'd be able to explore much more of the world. So... just get on
NEW! Available soon, spring 2016.

Whether you're athletic or creative, you can learn about something that you've always wanted to do in a relaxed setting at the Center Parcs Academy... while you're on holiday! The Center Parcs Academy offers many different workshops for both young and old.

Center Parcs is the perfect place to learn how to ride a bike. Lots of space, no cars on the roads, and mum and dad nearby for support. With our special selection of well-maintained bikes, children up to age 4 can safely learn how to ride a bike.

Includes a photo-opportunity and a certificate for every young cyclist!
On the park
From 2 years.
Request in park
Is bookable
Payable with Topping
You don't have to bring your own bikes, as all equipment is provided.
The activity lasts 1,5 hours in 2 sessions, divided over 2 days


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